Our Story

We believe mindful nutrition is the key to taking better care of ourselves; using the right foods to fuel the body and mind to lead a full and healthy life.  So, we craft deliciously nutritious foods that are solely designed to take better care of you, your body and your mind.

With a love of wholesome food, a desire for wellbeing and an appetite to push the boundaries, owners and founders Jess and Brian have crafted a business that they are truly passionate about.

Both ex- NZ Age Group triathletes and endurance athletes, they set about finding a solution to a problem.  Their need for clean energy food on-the-go.  With Brian’s background in food process engineering and science and Jess’ understanding of the market, they were well-equipped to launch their first product; Chia-go.  Soon after and with great up-take within their niche, they were ready for the next challenge.  A coconut yoghurt like no other. At a fraction of the fat content of their rivals, they have produced a yoghurt that is not only dairy and gluten free, but paleo and vegan friendly.  Plus, you can enjoy it in the same way as you would a dairy yoghurt: guilt free.

Launching in February 2016, this is not only a world first, but it tastes divine.  It’s dreamy whipped texture meets a light and refreshing coconut flavour.  It’s a must try!

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Our Approach

We combine mindful nutrition with food innovation.  Carefully balancing clean, wholesome foods with science that allows for the best possible practice to ensure food standards, accuracy and testing.

We develop products in line with our philosophy and with an eye on the global market.  Using typical New Zealand innovative and ground breaking attitude we transform products that will compete on a global scale….and give New Zealanders a healthier and tastier alternative  

100% New Zealand owned and operated, The Bowser has big aspirations.  Our products are crafted to ensure we are bringing the best in breed to market at an affordable price point. We want to appeal to consumers that care about their wellbeing, we want to make it easier to do so and we want them to join us on our journey.

We’re realistic and we’re strategic. We walk before we run and we listen to our customers.  We act quickly and most importantly; we have fun every step of the way!


Our Philosophy

Taking better care of you

Whether you have a demanding job, a busy family or an active lifestyle, you need nutritionally balanced foods that will nourish your body, enhance your energy and improve your mental focus.

The Bowser was founded on the principals of mindful nutrition; founders Brian and Jess are ex-NZ Age Group triathletes and endurance athletes  who understand that your output and success can be largely attributed to what goes into your body.

We offer a way for people to be more mindful, without the hassle. In today’s hectic world it can be easy to turn to foods that cloud your mental focus and contain little to no nutritional value. Our products are packed to the brim with ingredients that help take good care of your body and mind and they are available in convenient portions and packaging to compliment any busy lifestyle.


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